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What Do You Do With A Flat Tyre In The Middle Of Nowhere

We love our cars, but sometimes they feel like an extension of us. But every once in a while, we neglect that little part of us that needs care and maintenance – Tyres.

Tyres have a tendency to die on you exactly when they shouldn’t, like in the middle of nowhere. This can happen to the best of us and is nothing to be embarrassed about. What you should have, though, is an action plan. Now that you’re aware of the possibility of getting stuck in a stranded location, you have to know what you’d do!

Lucky for you, further down the article, exactly what you need to do if you’re ever stuck somewhere and need an urgent tyre change

Don’t Panic

First And Foremost, Do Not Panic!

Panicking makes everything a lot worse than it is. Remind your future self that you read this blog and have an action plan for what to do. Calm yourself, breathe deeply, it is just a flat tyre, and you’re going to be alright!

Don’t Drive Any Further Than You Already Have

It’s easy to think that the noise coming from your tyre is just outside noise. It can take a while to realise that the sound coming from your tyre is actually from your car, especially if you’re listening to really good music or your favourite podcast.

Now that you’ve realised you’ve got a flat tyre, don’t drive any further. While it is technically possible to drive a little over a mile even with a flat tyre, it’s not advisable regardless of how stranded you feel.

Driving with a flat tyre could damage your tyre way beyond repair and even damage your rim at some point. If you plan on driving up to the next service station just a mile ahead, don’t because it could cost you so much more in the longer run.

Park On The Side Of The Road

Once you’ve identified your flat tyre, pull up to the side of the road. This ensures there are no further incidents like a different vehicle running into you, or you end up blocking the road for others, causing further inconvenience

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

As soon as you’re parked and in place, turn on your hazard lights.

This ensures that you can be spotted at the side of the roadway ahead of time. This is a good safety practice as sometimes, due to fog or smog, cars are tough to spot far off. Turning on the hazard lights creates a safe space on the side of the road for both you and the others passing by.

Call Tyre Daddy

Now that you’ve done everything you could possibly do, you can move on to the more productive side of your journey to getting your flat tyre fixed.

Call Tyre Daddy. Getting our service is easier than ever. If you’re stuck, just give us a call. Our response time is around 30-60 minutes for each callout, and we offer 27/7/365 emergency services for when you’re stuck on the side of the road and offer same-day mobile tyre fitting in London.         

Tyre Daddy offers the people of London, Kent, and Essex quick and efficient mobile tyre fitting services. So the next time you’re in a pickle, let us be the first you call.

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