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Things You Need To Know About Tyres Before Purchasing Them 

You must be running your vehicle on older tyres that are getting weary, and in the upcoming, they won’t be giving you a better user experience. It’s high time when you say goodbye to these tyres. It’s time when you grab a new set and equip it for your vehicle. However, you might be considering which set will be ideal for your car. Continue reading this blog, and you will know which things you should be careful of before getting new tyres.

Checking The Tyres Properly:

Whenever you are about to get a new set of tyres, there are some things that you need to keep in your mind in order to purchase new tyres. First things first, check the size of the tyres and their brand of it. Take a look at your car’s current tyres, and you will find some details on them. There will be some numbers and alphabets. For instance, you will get to see something like this ‘205/65R15’ once you have checked the brand and details about the tyres. You will know which tyres will be suitable for your car. Individuals can call up for mobile fitting for new tyres in London or Essex.

Getting The Tyres:

Now that you are about the purchase a new set of tyres for your vehicle. Whenever it is about the tyres, ensure that you aren’t compromising on anything. Paying some extra money for an incredible quality will surely give you a good time with a top-notch experience for your vehicle. Moreover, you get good future-proofing, and you won’t have to worry about whenever you are thinking of hitting the road for picnics or tours. Also, one thing you need to keep in mind is that the size of the tyre is equal to its price. The bigger the tyre, the more expensive it is.

For example, the tyre you are getting is a 195/55/R16, which is a type size that is equipped in most of the cars around us. This will be setting you back around £150 to £200 for each tyre. You can do calculations on your own for a whole set of tyres. 

Furthermore, individuals who want to try out premium brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, or Pirelli have to pay a premium of £200 or £300 per tyre. Of course, this will be more than your typical set of tyres. Most individuals don’t want tyres that cost them an arm and a leg, so a budget brand would do wonders for you. 

Things You Need To Look For In Tyres:

Once you know about the details of the tyres and you are in contact with a tyre shop, then you need to look for these things:

● Make and model of the car

● Brand of the tyres

● Size of the tyres

● Your budget

Why Does The Tyre Size Important:

The numbers and alphabets you on the sides of the tyres are important. These specific numbers and alphabets in the group are something like this ‘205/60/R16’. Remember, this is your vehicle’s tyre size. After this group, you will see a second group. It will be something like 91V or 100Y. These details are for how much load your vehicle can take and how much speed you can reach on it.

Always check these groups’ presents on your tyres before purchasing a new set of tyres. It will be helpful for you. 

Final Thoughts:

We hope that you know pretty much everything related to tyres now. Always keep these things in mind whenever you get a new set of tyres.Properly fitted tyres give you a good driving experience, and if you are looking for a mobile fitting service in Grays or London, we are here for you. Call Tyre Daddy whenever you need a tyre fitting.

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