Tyre Daddy

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions developed by us (Tyre Daddy) will inform our website users and customers about what terms and conditions will be applied to them when using our website to buy products and use our services.    


  • Once you place an order, you will enter into a legal contract with the Company (Tyre Daddy) for receiving our services and products.
  • We’ll accept your order by emailing you, and a contract will immediately be constituted between you and the Company.
  • If we don’t accept your order for any reason, we will update you in writing. The possible reasons might include the product you want is out of stock, an unexpected number of items ordered, and others.
  • We reserve the right to reject or accept any order. Suppose we find an attempt to place an order deceitfully, falsely, on behalf of another person, or by using stolen payment details. In that case, we reserve the right to call appropriate external authorities and request them to involve and probe.
  • All our mobile tyre services ordered or booked via our website will either be performed at one of our centres in the UK, at your premises or by one of our mobile tyre service vehicles reaching the spot agreed by our technicians.
  • We will perform all services using our knowledge, reasonable skill, and diligence.
  • You’re responsible for presenting your vehicle at the exact address defined when placing your order. You’re also responsible for providing us with free and prompt access to your car, enabling us to perform the services you request and deliver the products you want.
  • Tyres of your vehicle removed by our technicians will be left with you,  if you purchase a high-quality one from us.
  • You reserve the right to revoke the contract you constituted with us without reason and at no cost at any time. You can do that before we perform the service and supply the product.
  • For services and products ordered through our official website, we will receive the payment in advance when you place your order. For customers on the road and for extra work, we will require full payment once the work is completed.
  • We’re responsible for performing our services and supplying products under the contract. If you’re unsatisfied and want to complain about our services/products, you reserve the right to contact our customer care representative using our contact details to make your complaint.