Tyre Daddy

Privacy Policy

Tyre Daddy developed a Privacy Policy to inform our clients and website users about how we collect, store, transfer, and process their Personal Data. Through this policy, we also explain the rights of the Company (Tyre Daddy) and Website Users under the Personal Data laws.


Sources of Personal Data Collection 

Based on this privacy policy, our Privacy Notice is related to Personal Data we collect from you via:

  • Our official websites;
  • Mobile devices;
  • Social media;
  • Wi-Fi access points.

This Privacy Notice applies to our website users when they interact with us online through the website, social media, phone, and any other form of communication.


At Tyre Daddy, we need your consent to ensure that your Personal Data is collected and processed on your behalf. And we do that lawfully. You reserve the right not to allow us or withdraw consent whenever you want.

Personal Data Collected & Stored

We collect information regarding the services you use and how you use them. We may also gather data specific to your devices, like your mobile number, location, log-in frequency, financial details, etc. 

We may also get your IP address and browser information through your web browser. An “IP Address” of the user of our website may be entered automatically in our server log files, which happens when you access the services by visiting our website.

The Personal Data we receive from you is stored in an encrypted server linked with the European Union and contractual safeguards. Third parties cannot access the data unless a legal reason exists.

Company Use of Personal Data

Tyre Daddy is committed to carefully collecting your Personal Data and its absolute protection. When we receive your Personal Data, a legal obligation immediately falls on us to use your data only according to data regulations. And only our authorised staff will process your Personal Data.

We process your Personal Data for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that we provide a better service to customers by observing search results, spam, and malware;
  • To provide you with goods’ and services’ information, especially for upcoming;
  • To inform you about changes in our services;
  • To ensure that our website content is presented very effectively for you;

We use IP Addresses for various reasons, including computing usage levels of the services, addressing and improving server problems, and administrating its services.

We use your Personal Data for transactional purposes, meaning we will contact you to timely and effectively complete any transactional commitments we make.

We use your Personal Data for marketing purposes, meaning we will contact you to inform you about new arrivals, and we will do that by getting your consent. 

We may contact you on the phone to efficiently complete any online orders.


You reserve the right to complain concerning the use of your Personal Data. You can email us, and our customer service representative will probe the matter and update you about the progress.