Tyre Daddy


No. You must not drive when your vehicle’s tyre is flat. It not only causes damage to the tyre but may also damage your wheel.

If you are stuck on the roadside with a flat tyre, one of our highly equipped mobile tyre fitting vans will be despatched to attend your location ASAP. We are able to change your tyres at any location such as hard shoulders, country lanes etc.

We also provide assistance to non-emergency situations as mobile tyre fitting is a very convenient service that saves you time and hassle by coming to you, so you don’t need to waste half your day sitting in a tyre shop waiting to get your tyres changed.

With mobile tyre fitting, you simply sit in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Yes, a mobile tyre fitting van has the same equipment that you will find in a tyre shop. Our staff are trained and highly experienced to work on all vehicles.

Not necessarily, our prices are competitively priced in the tyre industry, we do regularly check prices of our competitors to ensure our prices remain competitive. On the other hand wasting half your day sitting in a busy tyre shop could in fact cost you more as you could be more productive with your time.

Once a run-flat tyre loses air pressure, you shouldn’t drive more than 50 miles on it. Whenever that happens, you should stop.

A run-flat tyre has a limited range and speed, just like a spare tyre. As soon as you notice that your tyres have lost pressure, you should carefully slow down to no more than 50 mph and contact a tyre professional.