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5 Signs You Need A Tyre Change

In terms of vehicle maintenance, there are a few fundamental guidelines that all drivers should follow. The first thing that comes to mind is the petrol level, frequent engine oil change, your car battery, and, of course, your car tyres.

Tyres are an important component of your vehicle. After all, they are the legs of your car that allow it to move about. When you take your automobile in for service, along with a normal wheel balancing and wheel alignment, you typically believe it is already in excellent shape.

However, your tyres must be changed on a regular basis. Depending on your usage, the average lifespan of your tyres is roughly 5 to 10 years. As much as you trust mechanics or tyre service centres to inspect your tyres, it is equally critical for you to be able to see signals that your car tyres should be replaced in between car repair visits for your own safety. Here are some warning indicators to look out for.

Low Tyre Tread Depth

Tyre treads are the stubby ridges and grooves that go around the outside of the tyre and are a crucial feature. They guarantee your car has grip, and inadequate traction would mean you are slipping and sliding down the road, resulting in bad gas mileage. Tyre tread wear is a visible warning indication. It might be excessive wear all throughout the tyre, or only on the outside or centre. It may also indicate other issues such as excess or under inflation, damaged tyres, or misalignment. When you detect this problem, take it to your local vehicle repair shop for a diagnostic.

If you believe your tyre is beyond repair or require a mobile tyre fitting in London, give us a call, and we will help you in every way we can.

Unusual Vibrations

Every car vibrates, especially on bumpy roads. If your tyre vibrates a lot, it is a clue that you may have a bigger problem on your hands. It might be an alignment issue or a faulty suspension. Bring your car to the mechanic as soon as you feel excessive vibration.

Your tyres are among your vehicle’s most vital safety elements. Nonetheless, many drivers ignore the significance of having high-quality, well-maintained tyres. So, if you see any of these warning signs, contact your mechanic immediately.

Cracks On Tyre Surfaces

In certain situations, the sidewalls of your tyres may be damaged as well. This frequently appears as little fractures or holes in the tyre itself. Cracked tyres might indicate a possible blowout, so you should have them checked out immediately. It might also indicate that your tyre is continuously leaking. Cracked tyres can also be caused by direct tyre damage, such as hitting a curb or pothole.

Tyre Warning Light Turning On

A low tyre pressure warning light device is now standard on new vehicles. This is a little indication that appears on your dashboard and resembles a “U” with an exclamation point in the centre. This simply signifies that the tyre pressure in at least one of your tyres is too low according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You have two choices here, add air to your tyres yourself or take it to a technician to determine which tyre was low and why. Low pressure can sometimes be an indication of a deeper issue.

Old Tyres

Tyres have a lifetime of around 5 years if purchased fresh. After this period, the rubber compound begins to separate, increasing the possibility of cracks and blisters forming on your tyres and, in extreme cases, blowouts. Even though they appear to be serviceable, it is still a smart idea to replace them. Checking your tyre mileage is another approach to determine when it is time to replace them.

Tyres, like all other things, come with an expiry date. If you think your tyres need repair, or it is time to get new ones, look no further than Tyre Daddy. We will inspect your tyres thoroughly and offer exceptional mobile tyre fitting services in Romford and adjacent areas. Give us a chance, and you will love your experience with us!

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